From January to June 2012, the Parks and Recreation Commission conducted interviews, focus groups, stakeholder meetings and public forums where they gathered information from Malibu residents and stakeholders in the community on opinions on parks, facilities and program needs. Learn more about the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Malibu is committed to inclusivity and equity in community decision-making and recognizes that a lot of things may have changed since the last survey that was done over a decade ago. The City has developed an innovative outreach program designed to engage a diverse cross-section of the community. Please view the Outreach and Engagement Plan, which outlines the City’s strategic approach.

Malibu acknowledges that decisions regarding these vacant lands can impact those who work and play in the City. Therefore, the engagement process extends beyond just our residents and invites participation from all community members to develop solutions that align with the long-term needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

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The City anticipates the outreach and engagement program will span approximately six months (April – October).